We take vetting of organizations very seriously. When you support organizations on Cause:Israel you can trust and know that your money is turning into the impact you want in Israel and in the world.

Every organization on Cause:Israel must meet the following criteria to be considered for our platform:

  • Working for and within communities to solve problems and implement long-term, sustainable solutions
  • Providing innovative solutions to Israel’s most pressing societal problems
  • Tackling the root causes of a challenge, in addition to addressing its overt symptoms
  • Vetted by a known and respected organizations such as MidotThe Good People Fund or The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles (see below for more details) who vet Israeli organizations on a regular basis as part of their granting process.
  • We typically accept organizations that have been founded more than 2 years ago.

In addition, we take the following actions regarding each and every organization that is offered on Cause:Israel to our donors:

  1. We conduct thorough online research for any public complaints against the organization, and contact the organization (or the foundation that vetted them) to get clarification on the matter.
  2. We use our extensive network through Jewcer to learn about the organization and their conduct.
  3. We follow their online social media and research any feedback people might have about the organization.
  4. We crowdsource our large donor community for both recommendations and negative feedback they may have.

We also take recommendations for nonprofits from community members! If you have a nonprofit to share with us, please use our contact form.

Thoroughly Researched
Socially Validated


We analyze each organization’s mission and programs and along with a unique algorithm we developed that takes into account your preferred topics, your history of viewing and choosing and the choices of other people in the community (with similar interests) we provide you with a list of organizations that we think you’ll love.


We want to make sure that your money has the greatest impact and realize that it is not enough to vet great organizations. We also wanted to make sure the funds you donate arrive at your chosen organization with as little overhead as possible. This is why we do not take any fees and use organizations like The Good People Fund and P.E.F (see below) to make sure the funds arrive without any additional fees.